Blog on Synagogue Innovation

The Clergy Leadership Incubator (CLI) program is designed to shape visionary spiritual leaders who are committed to creating transformative intentional spiritual communities for Jews. The CLI Blog will feature articles by rabbis doing just that. This work requires bold vision and a willingness to take risks. Not every experiment will be successful. Often, the bolder the innovation the more likely the rabbi will meet some resistance from stakeholders in the congregation. Yet we must grow the community of rabbis and lay leaders who champion risk taking if we are to create vibrant spiritual communities for the next generation of American Jews. The CLI Forum and Blog will be a place where rabbis can share their ideas, their successes and their failures. We encourage you to comment on articles so that we may all benefit from the exchange of ideas.

The CLI blog entries are being called Innovation and Organizational Change: What it Took, What we GainedVisit the blog here:

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